Are you fed up with working excessive hours, just to make ends meet, challenging yourselves mentally and physically to get ahead in life?

I have been working in the Transport Industry (a Trucker) for the past 30 years or so. As you may know, I spent a considerable amount of time away from home, usually a week at a time, having a few days off here and there to keep in line with Hours Of Service Regulations (Drivers Hours). Sleeping in the truck bunk or in a hotel is no replacement for your own bed. I was leading the "truckers" lifestyle, working long hours, sometimes going above and beyond my normal shift routine. I wasn't eating healthy either, burgers, coffee, chips and chocolate bars was a normal staple diet. The sad thing about this was my employer paid me for what he thought i was worth and nothing more. I knew that my "worth" should have had a higher value.

I was at a point in my life where things weren't as they should be.

I was a relatively lonely individual who was leading a "confused" life, having a hard time to spend any reasonable time with family and friends. I was also trying to juggle finances between credit cards - robbing Peter to pay Paul.

I was looking for something that would clear my thoughts and hopefully get me back on track but I was completely uncertain of which road I should follow. How would I find something that would help me. There didn't seem, at this point, any light at the end of the tunnel. Call it "Fate" if you will, but I was introduced to someone who was an online entrepreneur. He was making a good living online, using a simple system that even a truck driver could master.

His first words to me were -
"If you are looking to improve your life and want to be successful in life - Follow Me"

He showed me an opportunity of a digital business. My first reaction to that was of course - Fear. I had no previous business experience and wouldn't have had the slightest idea about anything with running a business.

His next words to me were - "If you are looking to improve your life and want to be successful - Follow Me.

I'm sure I had heard that comment previously.

I was very skeptical about starting my own online business and thought that I would have to do this alone. That was not only scary, but intimidating at the same time. He told me that the business is designed around ordinary, everyday people. People from all walks of life - Plumbers, healthcare workers, doctors, teachers, musicians and a whole bunch more. People that had limited or no computer skills, people who were not well educated and people that were not afraid to take that next frightening step.

This was a turnkey business where 90% of all the heavy lifting was already in place for you. The remaining 10% came from your passion, determination, dedication and drive. I didn't need to contact any of my family members or friends to feel sorry for me and buy something. This business had a structured training program, split into sections, that you can complete in your own time and at your leisure. No time frames were involved here. "Live" webinars that are held twice weekly, gets you to meeting a whole "Family" of either new members, people who continue to build their businesses and also people that are very successful. A support team that will give answers to you questions at a minutes notice 24/7. Mentors that will guide you through the training sessions and coaches that will hold you hand and guide you if needed.

Not so along ago, I was in a very dark place. I was introduced to this opportunity and have never looked back, wishing that I had found this a lot sooner. I look forward to the helping hands and being able to control my financial situation. But it wasn't just about the money, believe me. It was purely the fact that I sat down and made the decision to change. I am by no means a "Millionaire" yet, but I continue to build and drive my business. I took that next, nervous step and "Took Action". Because I did this one simple thing, I now have a completely different out look on life.


NEVER GIVE UP - Even if you think things can't get any worse.

TAKE ACTION - Start to change your life.

ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE - Get rid of the negatives (even from family or friends)

There is an old saying that goes something like this:


I took good and solid advise from somebody that had my best interest at heart and he said "Follow Me"

If you feel that you can relate to my story and would like further information on an opportunity that could change your life - Follow Me - I have your best interests at heart.

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Thank you for letting me share my story and hope that I can help you build a successful digital business.

I'll see you on the inside..!!


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